My Mr. Alpha Ch 9

It was almost time to meet the others for dinner. I quickly put on jeans and a simple shirt, it was only a casual affair so I didn’t find the need to dress up. ‘Humph... you could have made up your hair or put on something more dressy,’ my inner voice made an appearance again. … Continue reading My Mr. Alpha Ch 9


My Mr. Alpha Ch 8

Rest of the day passed by quickly, in a blur. Most of my classes had either one or both of those handsome men in them. Throughout the day they kept staring at me, and how would I know you ask it’s because I kept sneaking glances at them. Somehow I couldn’t help myself, they were … Continue reading My Mr. Alpha Ch 8

My Mr. Alpha Ch 7

It’s been a few days since I ventured out of my apartment. I decorating my place and finally set everything up. The day had finally come when my classes started, and I had to compulsorily go out; I was pretty spooked after the car following me incident; but I have to attend the lectures. Standing … Continue reading My Mr. Alpha Ch 7

My Mr. Alpha Ch 2

Passport? Check. Visa? Check. Ticket? Check. Bag? Check. Seat Belt? Check. My Sanity? Umm.. Check, I guess. I was strapped in and ready to go. “Welcome on board the flight. This is your Captain speaking; we will be covering the distance in 22 hours with a stopover in Germany. Please enjoy the flight,” the pilot’s … Continue reading My Mr. Alpha Ch 2