My Mr. Alpha Ch 9

It was almost time to meet the others for dinner. I quickly put on jeans and a simple shirt, it was only a casual affair so I didn’t find the need to dress up.

‘Humph… you could have made up your hair or put on something more dressy,’ my inner voice made an appearance again.

‘It’s a simple dinner, with classmates, why would I dress up?’

‘But, still…’

‘Let us go, we are already late,’ I interrupted it again before it could make any more remarks about my appearance.

The sun had already set by the time I reached the university gates. I could make out a few silhouettes standing around. As I reached them, one of them came towards me.

“Hey,” Amy said.

“Hey, looks like many people already came,” I said, in my feeble attempt to make conversation.

“Yeah, they did. We are waiting around for a couple of more people before we go to the diner.”

“Oh…Ok,” I said not knowing what else to say.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to the others,” she grabbed my hand and dragged me along before I could say anything else.

“Hey guys, this is Riya,” Amy said.

“Riya, that’s Char, Mark, Chris, Jen, Cara and Ryan,” she said pointing to each of them. I was dumbstruck looking at them. All of them were beautiful, for that matter even Amy was when I looked at her properly.

“Riya? That’s an interesting name,” a boy with straw coloured hair and deep blue eyes said.

“Thank you, I’m sorry I couldn’t catch your name, I’m pretty bad with them.”

“Ah…It’s fine. Amy was introducing us too rapidly, that even I could have gotten confused and I have known them for most of my life!” he said with a small laugh. I laughed along with him. He seemed like a pretty easy going guy.

“I am Ryan,” he finally introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you,” I said.

“Let me introduce them to you, properly. The black haired one over there is Charlotte, we call her Char. The guy standing beside her, with that fierce kind of look about him, is Mark. The one wearing those white sneakers is Chris; he loves those white sneakers to death. One time I tried to borrow them and he almost bit my arm off,” he said with a grin.

“I had told you many times, you can borrow anything else except my sneakers,” Chris said with a serious face.

“Anyways moving on, the girl beside Chris is Jennifer. You can recognize her by her specs frames, which have no glasses in them.”

And true enough, when I looked at Jennifer she didn’t have any lenses in them.

“Hey, I like wearing specs. I don’t need them, but I love the frames. There are so many varieties! By the way, I love yours they look so good on you,” Jennifer said.

“Thanks Jennifer, I like your frames too,” I told her with a smile.

“Oh, you can call me Jen. Jennifer makes me sound so old and proper,” Jen said.

“As I was saying, that’s Jen for you. Beside her it’s Cara, she is the quiet one among us,” Ryan said.

I gave a small smile to Cara which she returned.

We stood around talking for a while more, when suddenly everyone went silent.

“What’s it Ryan? Why is everyone so quiet?” I asked him.

Everyone was looking at me, for a moment I felt as if I had forgotten some piece of my clothing at home, I looked down to make sure everything was there. When I looked back up, I realized they were not looking at me rather they were looking at something behind me.

I looked behind me and there was Rishi standing right behind me on my left, and those two gorgeous men from my class on my right. I turned around.

“Hey Rishi! I’m happy that you could come,” I told him with a bright and happy smile. I was genuinely very happy to see him.

Suddenly I heard a very loud, feral growl from somewhere.

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