My Mr. Alpha Ch 8

Rest of the day passed by quickly, in a blur. Most of my classes had either one or both of those handsome men in them. Throughout the day they kept staring at me, and how would I know you ask it’s because I kept sneaking glances at them. Somehow I couldn’t help myself, they were too magnetic not to look at.

Finally the last bell rang, and I took a breath of relief thinking I could go back home and escape those intense gazes.

“Hey there, Riya right? We have many classes together, some of us are getting together for dinner tonight why don’t you come?” a girl with reddish brown hair said breathlessly.

I just kept staring at her with my mouth open, I never knew that someone could speak so fast and that too without a pause or taking a breath.

“Umm.. sure?” I replied a bit hesitantly. Even I wanted to get to know people, and this seemed like a good opportunity.

“Ok, cool. Let’s meet up near the university entrance at 7:00. Oh, by the way I’m Amy. Bye, see you!”

The girl, Amy, quickly left leaving me in a daze.

‘Do you think those two boys would come too?’ my inner voice said.

‘Ugh.. I thought I lost you, as you were not giving your valuable opinions anymore.’

‘Hmph.. as if,’ it said.

‘So, where have you been?’

‘I was drawn to something and was investigating that.’

‘Huh? What were you drawn to? Doesn’t it mean even I should have been drawn to it, as you and I are basically the same person?’

Before my voice could answer me someone interrupted my inner ramblings.

“Umm.. excuse me, are you alright?”

“Hmmm?” I replied absently, thinking about what my voice had been saying.

“Are you ok? You have been standing there blankly for the past few minutes,” the stranger said.

“Oh yes, I’m ok.” I finally looked at the voice and it belonged to another cute boy. He had slightly curly black hair, with glasses and amazing honey coloured eyes.

He chuckled and extended his hand, “ I’m Rishi.”

“Hi, I’m Riya. Nice to meet you and oh, thanks for snapping me out of my thoughts.”

“Nah, it’s fine. How did you like the class?”

“Oh, are you taking this class too?”

“Yup and I think we have a bunch of classes together,” he said.

“Do we? I was completely spaced out today, so didn’t notice anyone much. Sorry!”

“Hey, it’s fine. Happens, don’t go around saying sorry for such silly things,” he said with a kind smile.

I was starting to like this guy. He seemed to be genuinely nice and could possibly be my first friend here.

“I heard the class people were having dinner together tonight,” was my subtle attempt to know if even he was coming. I was desperate for some friends, and he looked like he could be a good one to have.

“Are they? Didn’t know that,” he said with a slight frown.

“Oh, apparently all of us are going to meet at the University gates at 7:00 pm.”

“Then I will you see at the gates at 7:00 pm,” he said with a small smile.

“Ok then, bye,” I said.

That’s when I noticed that I was near the gates already. I hadn’t even noticed when we had started walking.

With a small smile I headed towards my apartment, looking forward to dinner as I had at least one familiar face to talk with.

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