My Mr. Alpha Ch 7

It’s been a few days since I ventured out of my apartment. I decorating my place and finally set everything up.

The day had finally come when my classes started, and I had to compulsorily go out; I was pretty spooked after the car following me incident; but I have to attend the lectures.

Standing in front of the door I was contemplating if I should go out or not, after all my apartment is pretty cosy.

‘Girl, where is your backbone? Just go!’

‘What if someone follows me again?’

‘May be that was just a coincidence, and even if someone does let us put our legs to good use and run,’ that smug voice replied.

After that pep talk, where I must admit my inner voice sounded more rational than I- ‘Ha, I have always had my head screwed on right. You just never listened to me.’

As I was saying, I was ready to go to college.

Grabbing my bag, I marched out of my door and down the stairs. Without turning my head in any other direction I quickly made my way to the campus.

The campus was beautiful, with big rolling lawns, beautiful architecture and loads of people.

Checking the map I made my way to my class, just as it was about to start.

“Good morning class. I am Professor Brown and I will be teaching…..”

I had suddenly and completely tuned out of what the professor was saying, as the door had just opened and two gorgeous, stunning males had entered the classroom.

I snapped out of it when the door shut with a bang, and tried to get back to class.

These beautiful specimens of men slowly strolled up the aisle and sat in the row right behind mine.

Throughout the class I had an urge to turn around and look at them, but I controlled myself as I didn’t want to look as I was gawking at them. Sometimes between the lecture I felt as if someone was burning holes into the back of my head, but I  just shrugged it off thinking it was my imagination.


Finally the bell rang, and I slowly made my way out of the class. I was thinking

to go to the cafe or the library  to see if I could befriend people.

Deciding on grabbing a coffee I headed towards the cafe, immersed in my own thoughts I reached the cafe and ordered a coffee. Looking around I recognized some people from my lecture sitting at a table, talking and laughing loudly. Taking my coffee, I made my way towards the table thinking to introduce myself.

Reaching the table I took a deep breath and tried to find some of the courage I had this morning. Right as I reached the table I decided courage was not for me and took a sharp right to an empty table.

Scolding myself and drinking my coffee, I had not noticed that the table next to mine had gone a bit silent. Looking up I saw those two gorgeous males standing right in front of me, and the boisterous table staring at us.

“Hello, can we sit here?” one of them said.

“Umm..,” was my intelligent response.

“It’s just that all the other tables are full,” the other one said.

“S-sure,” I stammered.

Flashing me brilliant smiles, they both sat in front of me.

We sat awkwardly for a moment. In that moment, one of them, who was more arresting than the other was looking at me intensely, that freaked me out a bit.

“Hey, I am Drew. We had the same lecture,” the other one said. I guess he couldn’t tolerate the silence.

“Hey, I am…,” just as I was about to tell him my name I looked at him closely. He looked familiar, with curly brown hair and those sparkling brown eyes. He was the same man that I had run into at the store.

I just stared at him with my mouth open.

Suddenly the other one started to speak. “So… what is your name?” I looked at him. He was flashing a brilliant smile at me, while glaring at the other guy.

My brain kicked in, and it said to bolt!

“Ex-excuse me, but I gotta go.”

I ran out of the cafe and hid in the library.

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