My Mr. Alpha Ch 6

“Umm… Hello? Are you alright?”

The voice jolted me from my embarrassing stare fest.

“Y-yes, I’m good.”

“O-kay then. Did you need some help with your bags?” he asked me once again.

Reality hit me again, and I became suspicious. Why would a complete stranger and a handsome one at that help little old me?

‘Aha, this is what is shown in all those movies. A lost girl, gets help from a stranger and BOOM she disappears! I thought it happened just in the movies’

‘And where do you think they get these ideas from?’ my annoying inner voice was back.


‘Dudette, snap out of this brain conversation and see what he’s doing.’

That brought me back to reality, and when I looked for that man again he was lifting my bags.


“I’ll drop you. Where do you live?”

 “I don’t need your help. Please drop my bags, I will find my way home.”

“No, I insist. It would be my honour to help you.”

“Look here, I have a pepper spray and I do not mind using it,” I said while slowly inching my hand towards my purse. I hope he runs away, before I had to draw my non-existent spray out.

He still had hold of my stuff and was expecting me to go along with him.

I was getting scared now. I knew I shouldn’t have left the country, I should have stayed back home and be in a place where I knew people, just why did I decide to come here; and why did I have to buy half the store, forgetting that I had no kind of transportation back.

I should just booked a cab. Now, my brain decides to give me that brilliant idea. With the now creepy guy just staring at me, I had half a mind to run away. I could just live without a few things.

He seemed to have read what was on my mind, and finally let go of the bags.

“Hey, don’t look so scared. I was just trying to help.”

“Well, thank you. But, I am expecting someone to come pick me up,” I bluffed.

“Ok then. Have a good day,” he gave me an intense look and just walked away.

I just stared at him, wondering what had just happened.

Not wanting at stay at this place any longer, I quickly booked a cab. While waiting for it, I had a feeling I was being watched. Discreetly looking around, I couldn’t find anyone and that freaked me out more. I didn’t know if that guy was a genuine one or some creep, who was going to follow me home now.

I was glad when I saw the cab approaching. Quickly I put in my numerous bags, got in and gave him my address. Once we got onto the road, I was searching around to see if any car was following me. You might think I was being a little paranoid, but I had seen too many movies and I wanted to be cautious. There were too many cars around for me to track anything, so I relaxed back into the seat.

We turned into my relatively empty street, and stopped at the apartment. I got all my bags out, and was standing on the curb when I got that creepy feeling again. I tried to grab all my bags, and bolt in, but still I had to make a few trips to get them. I couldn’t wait to get into my cosy apartment and just stay there and escape all these odd feelings. It seemed that all my senses were in an overdrive since I came here.

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