My Mr. Alpha Ch 4

“That will be a $100 miss.”

I paid the cab driver and looked at the four storied apartment building. It looked nice, liveable. It had a nice little forested area behind it.

With a deep breath, to fortify myself, I went inside the building. The nice cab driver had lugged my luggage into the lobby; I just had to drag it the remaining distance to the elevator and up to my apartment.

I got into the elevator and hit the 3rd floor.

‘Okay, where is apartment no. 310.’ I dragged one of my huge bags along with me, searching for the flat.

‘Aha, finally found you. You are hiding in this little corner, and obviously away from the lift.’

Finally locating it, I opened the door with my keys. I had already collected them on way over to the building.

The door opened to a tiny living room, from where I could see the kitchen too; it was open a floor plan. I dropped my bags in the living room and went in excitedly to explore it further.

This is my first home, well, first home while living alone. I ran to check out the bedroom and the bathroom.

The bedroom had a nice queen sized bed, with tiny tables beside it. I walked in to search for my closet and found two doors in the room. One of them led to the closet and another to the bathroom.

The bathroom was a medium sized one, with all the necessary things that one had to have.

The whole house was done up in white, with a nice tan coloured couch in the living room and even a TV. The apartment looked exactly how it had been in the pictures. I had rented the place online, and I was a bit unsure if it was the real deal or not. Whew, I am happy that nothing went wrong while renting out the space.

‘I can’t wait to make this space mine. We can throw in some nice cushions for the couch and some pictures on the wall; and oh, a nice colourful bedspread. We have a lot of shopping ahead of us.’

The us here being, me and my inner voice.

‘Yes, we can get all that done after you get all your remaining bags up here.’

In all my excitement I had forgotten about them. I rushed down and got them up to my place, well I had to make a couple of trips.

‘Hope the parents do not catch onto this,’ my subconscious said.

‘How can they? We do not have anyone here, no one knows us and they will not be coming here,’ I told it.

‘Yes, but we have to be careful.’

This was the first time I had been courageous and the inner voice timid. But, I had been very sure of how wanted to live here. I want to experience all the joys of being independent.

You must be wondering while I had this scintillating conversation with the voice, what about we were talking.

Well, you see my friend, I had told a little harmless lie to my parents. My father, as you could tell, is quite strict and protective over me. I had told them that I was living on campus, in the hostel. But, I didn’t want to do that, so secretly I had searched for apartments where I could live alone. I want to experience all the joys of living alone, and be responsible or more like, learn responsibility. So you see, this small little lie would not hurt anyone.

Lugging all my bags up to my apartment, plus the travel had tired me out.

Let us go out after we take a small nap,’ my subconscious said, to which I heartily agreed.So, I flopped onto my bed, to take a little nap before going out shopping.

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