My Mr. Alpha Ch 3

“We will be landing at the San Francisco airport in a few minutes, please remain seated till the seatbelt sign turns off,” the voice jolted me from my sleep.

‘Finally! I was getting tired of staring at the clouds,’ my conscious said snidely.

I swear I have a smart alec subconscious, a complete opposite version of me.

‘Yeah, yeah we will get off once they open the doors,’ I replied to the voice inside me.

‘And when will that be, after the plane is completely empty?’

‘Huh? What?’

‘Dude, everyone is getting off the plane. Let’s go’

And what do you know, the voice inside me was right. The plane was almost empty while I had a very stimulating conversation with the voice.

Done with all the formalities, I arrived at the conveyor belt to collect my bags. While I was waiting for them I had the strangest feeling that someone was looking at me.

Since the stopover in Germany, where the annoying person beside me got off, I was getting some unusual vibes. A bit of excitement, mixed with a swarm of butterflies fluttering inside me and also that someone was staring at me, from time to time.

I collected my huge bags, wishing I had someone to lift up the heavy bags for me. Then I remembered that I was not a weak woman who can’t even pick up her bags. So, huffing and puffing I got my huge bags onto the trolley, cursing myself for packing too much.

Still that feeling persisted, I did try to see around discreetly if someone was looking at me, but couldn’t see anyone as the airport was crowded.

I shrugged it off thinking why would anyone stare at me; I am not one of those thin, beautiful people.

With these thoughts in my head, I headed out of the airport and towards the taxi line.

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