My Mr. Alpha Ch 2

Passport? Check.

Visa? Check.

Ticket? Check.

Bag? Check.

Seat Belt? Check.

My Sanity? Umm.. Check, I guess.

I was strapped in and ready to go.

“Welcome on board the flight. This is your Captain speaking; we will be covering the distance in 22 hours with a stopover in Germany. Please enjoy the flight,” the pilot’s voice came over the speaker.

The plane started cruising down the runway, and suddenly took off into the air. I held onto the armrests tightly, with my eyes closed.

‘Deep breaths Riya, everything will be fine. The flight will be smooth with no troubles,’ my subconscious was telling me.

I had the sudden urge to close the window shade and yell out to them to stop the plane, I wanted to get off and go back home. But, I was frozen and the rational side of my mind was telling me that it was impossible to do anything right now. So I just prayed to the powers above for the flight to be safe and simultaneously cursing myself internally for insisting on a window seat. I did not need to see how far up we were going, and how far we were going.

Suddenly there was movement from beside me. The man in the middle seat was getting up, and I wanted to yell at him, ‘Fool! The seatbelt sign is still on. Sit before you fall down and crush me!’

I was just about to do that, but in more polite way, when I realized that the sign was off.

‘Whew, saved myself from the embarrassment of wrongly telling the man off,’ my inner voice breathed a sigh of relief.

This wasn’t my first time flying, but it was my first time flying alone and that too out of the country. I was a nervous wreck thinking about all the things that could go wrong on the flight, or at the airport after we land.

‘Please let me reach without any problems and I promise I will go to the nearest worship place, as soon as I can.’

My old habit of bargaining with the powers above resurfaced. See you on the other side of the ocean my friend I told my subconscious, thinking this I knocked off into a deep sleep.

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