My Mr. Alpha Ch 1

“Take care Riya, give me a call after you land,” my friend Pari said while hugging me tightly.

“Chalo Riya beta, it is time to go now,” my mom called me from where I left her standing with the trolley.

I quickly hugged Pari once again, and ran to my parents.

“Take care honey, eat right and sleep on time; and oh, call me as soon as you land there,” my mom, Lakshmi, said with tears running down her cheeks.

“Be safe Riya, this is the first time you are going there and we don’t have any friends or family out there. It is only because of the promise you made and your insistence, that I’m sending you,” my dad, Ajay, said with an unsmiling face. Though he looked stern, I could see it in his eyes how sad he was that I was going.

“Yes  Amma and Nanna*, I will be careful. I better go now.”

With this I took the trolley with my bags in them, and walked towards the International Departures gate at the Hyderabad airport.

A/N: Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by. This is the 1st time I am writing a story, so if there are any errors please be kind about them.

*Glossary: Chalo=let’s go (in Hindi)

                       Amma= Mother (in Telugu)

                       Nanna= Father (in Telugu)

A/N: Hope you liked the chapter. Please show a little love by a like and a comment. Thanks! ❤



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