Life certainly is a quagmire.

Rise your hand, if like me, you still haven’t figured out what you are supposed to do and the icing on the top is that you are in your mid-20’s. Huzzah people!

Welcome to this confusion, you are not alone despite it seeming like it.

You would feel alone ‘coz most of your friends (including the liars and the backstabbers) are on a path to somewhere and at least have a vague idea of where they are going and this poor, lonely soul a.k.a you has no clue of what to do.

Do not fret because even I am in that club. That does not sound encouraging or happy at all, but what is point of doing something just for the sake of it?

Just because people cannot stand the thought of one not doing something, one does something which makes them miserable. Cannot people like us (the lonely souls, the confused lot) also exist side by side with them?

My friends keep on asking me,” What are you doing? Still no job? What are you planning to do?”

And I have simply one answer for them, “I do not know.”

It is difficult to understand how people come to the conclusion to do something in their life. Even while writing this post I am wondering: ‘What is it that would make me happy?’

People who are similar to me, who still have not figured out what to do, we feel that immense guilt, right?

The guilt because everywhere else  you see other humans rushing around to somewhere while you are still wondering about stuff.

The guilt that you might be the last one to do something in your life.

The guilt that you might never figure out something.

If any of you have ever faced such a situation and figured out what to do please, I beg of you enlighten the rest of us on how to escape this quagmire.

It is a daily struggle not to sink into it.

At times it feels like it is good not to have figured out stuff, though it feels like quite late in existence to face such a dilemma.

But, if any of you have escaped such a confusion and found clarity let the rest of us know just one thing: ‘How???!’


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